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Protect yourself from germs! The Sweteez antimicrobial fitness towel is treated with a patented, EPA registered silicon-based protectant that inhibits germs, including MRSA and staph, keeping your fitness center, pilates or yoga workout cleaner and safer.The antimicrobial treatment permanently binds to the towel and is designed to remain effective for up to 75 washings, with no special care.



No more worries about bringing your valuables to the gym, yoga or pilates studio!  Keep your valuables close at hand with the Sweteez  antibacterial workout towel as part of your exercise routine on the floor, seat, bench or with the sewn in hook to hang your towel directly on the equipment.



Each Sweteez antimicrobial workout and sports towel features a handy, zippered pouch with a separate compartment for your cell phone and a second compartment for your keys, cards and valuables. You'll never have to miss an important call or fumble for your membership card or keys again!



We think Made in America is about creating local jobs and supporting American workers here at home. We source our towel from one of the last American terry mills. We wash, sew and finish the Sweteez antibacterial fitness and gym towel in Los Angeles.  We think manufacturing in America in a safe and fair environment is the right thing to do.


Hear from Alyssa Mandell why Sweteez is the choice of fitness professionals.

Find out why Sweteez is the Smart Towel for the Smart Workout! ™